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Rev. Jim Bradford

Senior pastor, Central Assemblies of God, Springfield Missouri

Tom is the finest voice I know on this topic. He is a highly effective communicator and teacher. He is also a practitioner, having led many of his friends, associates and neighbors to the Lord. Most importantly, Tom makes personal evangelism “doable” for the average person.

Christian resources

Rev. Jeff Peterson

Pastoral Care Director, Arizona Assemblies of God

I have heard the “best” in so many facets of ministering to the body of Christ, but no one ever encouraged my heart in both the spiritual and practical areas of personal evangelism like Tom Richardson.

Christian resources

Rev. Gary Grogan

Former Head Pastor, Stone Creek Church, Urbana, IL

Tom’s approach to evangelism is refreshing. If you have a desire to see your people equipped to do personal evangelism, I cannot think of anyone who will assist you more than Tom Richardson.

Christian resources

Rev. George Wood

Former General Superintendent, Assemblies of God

Tom Richardson’s teaching videos are a valuable resource for any local church that wants to increase the effectiveness of its outreach. Tom certainly practices what he teaches. An extremely effective personal evangelist himself, the principles and content he shares have been tested in a lifestyle that is inspiring and instructive to many.

Christian resources

Rev. Greg Wendschlag

Pastor, Cupertino, CA

For weeks after Tom’s presentation people were still commenting about the material they received, all in a humorous package. We have people becoming more effective witnesses because of this ministry.

Christian resources

Rev. Phil Schneider

District Superintendent, Illinois Assemblies of God

The church is returning to the ministry of personal evangelism and Tom Richardson is leading the way. Tom's heart for sharing the love of God becomes contagious as he teaches. Tom will help your people find their story and empower them to share it with those around them. I encourage pastors who want to fulfill the great commission of our Lord to use Tom's resources to help them get it done.

Christian resources

Rev. Dick Foth

Speaker, Storyteller, Author

Tom doesn’t just teach by words, but by example. The principles and ideas that he shares are grounded in years of experience. He has a practicality that debunks myths about evangelism and makes real what an individual can do to bring the Kingdom to his everyday world.

Christian resources

Rev. Randy Hurst

Commissioner of Evangelism, Assemblies of God

Tom Richardson serves the local church in one of its vital areas of need - motivating and educating people for effective personal witness. His wisdom and insights are both inspired and practical. Tom lives personal evangelism and knows how to teach it. His suggestions concerning how to effectively turn conversations with non-believers to Christ are the best I’ve heard. This course for small groups is a timely resource that I highly recommend to every church, regardless of size or cultural context.

Christian resources

Rev. Steve Adamson

Pastor, Peru, Illinois

There are very few speakers that I’ve had that I can see any visible fruit as a result of their ministry. Not so with Tom. I can take you to people who have been reached due to his training our people in lifestyle evangelism.

Christian resources

Rev. John McLaughlin

Pastor, Lomita, California

Tom Richardson has a God-given anointing to challenge, motivate and equip the Church. His insights not only struck a cord in the hearts of our congregants, they stirred my heart as well. He has ignited a flame within our church

Christian resources

Bring Someone with You provides resources that teach Christians how to more effectively share their faith. Contact us now with any questions!

What is Bring Someone with You?

Bring Someone with You is a resource of People Reaching People Ministries. We provide Christian resources that teach Christians how to more effectively share their faith. Our goal is to prepare you with the skills you need to clearly share the good news of Jesus Christ with others. Our founder, Tom Richardson, is a minister himself and knows it is vital to have dependable resources that prepare you to communicate the Gospel confidently and kindly to people from all different backgrounds – and to help others know how to share their faith in Jesus as well.

Here on our site, you’ll find established Christian resource programs that will empower you to always be ready to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether you’re a church wanting to empower your members with evangelism techniques or an individual who needs help finding a solid place to begin your witness, you can find a program to meet your needs here. People Reaching People founder and minister Tom Richardson lays out evangelizing methods he himself has used and successfully trained other followers of Jesus to use in order to share the Gospel clearly and graciously. With resources in both CD and DVD format, Tom and the ministry team of People Reaching People want to give you the tools you need to share the Gospel so others can know the saving news of what Jesus has done for us!

When you visit our online store, you’ll find CDs and DVDs of our programs perfect for audiences of different sizes, from individuals to whole churches or even large conferences.

Who created Bring Someone with You?

Bring Someone with You was created by Tom Richardson. Bring Someone with You is a resource of People Reaching People Ministries. An ordained minister, Tom originally got a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla. During his four-year engineering career at the Illinois Department of Transportation about half of his office co-workers established a relationship with Christ. During those years he also served as the director of a Christian coffeehouse through which about 500 young adults and teenagers met Jesus.

After his time as an engineer, Tom served as a pastor and an associate Pastor for 9 years before establishing People Reaching People Ministries. He has traveled over a million miles and spoken over 5,000 times in the United States and other countries teaching Christians how to more effectively share their faith.

Diane has degrees in journalism and in library and information sciences. She has worked in public relations and has traveled with Tom, speaking in the U.S. and abroad on the topics of fear and depression, states of mind from which the Lord has freed her, and on Scripture meditation, which He uses in her life daily to keep her free. Currently, she is a librarian with a firefighter training academy, serving first responders.

What products do you offer?

We have two series that will teach you how to more effectively share your faith with others. Each series includes a DVD, 10 study guides, and a leaders guide. Our Evangelism CDs offer insights and teaching on relationships, prayer, personal Christian living, and more. Our Life Change CDs from Diane Richardson will inspire and teach you about cooperating with the work of the Lord in your Life, putting you on track to become the person He created you to be. Together, we have sold over 77,000 CDs and DVDs to Christians around the world.

What is the basis of your teachings?


Our ministry is based on six foundational principles of Christianity.  To learn more about what we believe, click here


Can I order your Christian resources online?

Yes! Please click here to visit our online store for our selection of Christian resources. All prices include shipping fees for standard USPS media mail. Please contact us today at 1-224-216-4649 or email us if you have any questions. We are here to help!

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